Dock infos N°85, april 2013

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Editorial : “Port-cities seek new talent… “

Philippe MatthisAccording to a not very recent study by UNESCO, the number of researchers in developing countries increased by 56% between 2002 and 2007. By comparison, the increase in developed countries was only 8.6%. During the period, humanity gained nearly a million researchers from developing countries. The figures to be published soon will no doubt only confirm that this trend is accelerating.

This increase in the number of researchers worldwide is of course one of the key factors in overcoming the many challenges faced by our societies. In the context of its active participation in international meetings, in China, Africa, recently in India, and before long in California or Colombia, AIVP has identified many new talents who are already helping port-cities with innovative solutions to their development problems. These talents, whether working to find solutions for changes in energy, maritime transport as such, sustainable urban development or social dialogue, are the future of each of our ports and port-cities. We have just chosen Durban as the venue for our 14th World Conference in November 2014. A city committed to globalisation, and in rapid economic expansion; the principal port in South Africa – one of the five most dynamic developing countries in the world (BRICS). By choosing Durban, we hope to contribute new talents to port-cities!

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Philippe Matthis
Secretary of the AIVP
Deputy General Manager of the Port of Brussels


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