New publication, Indian Ocean Flash N°3: City-port interfaces and development policies

Published by  15 May, 2013 9:58 am Leave your thoughts

The management of port-city spaces requires a coordinated approach to prepare schemes and policies for territorial development. This would involve adapting port infrastructures in the face of the constant evolution in the number and size of vessels, and population growth.

Ports and port-cities in the Indian Ocean are fully aware of the challenges which depend on managing and increasing the value of their city-port interfaces. The third edition of “Indian Ocean Flash” gives detailed consideration to this topic, examples of plans which have been executed and questions which are still unanswered. In this edition, the Indian Ocean Observatory for Ports and Cities (IOO) is launching a study aimed at “identifying and comparing problems with the port-city interface in ports in the south-west Indian Ocean through an analysis of developments executed and projects in progress.” The object of this research is to “contribute to clarifying the orientations and further economic development decisions which will be contributed by the various actors involved in these spaces.”

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