AAPA Conference in Bogota: AIVP quoted as reference (update)

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Between the 25th and 28th of June, Bogota (Colombia) played host to the Congress of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)*, which brought together more than 350 participants from all over Latin America and the United States. Various AIVP members attended and a number of contacts were made with a view to expanding the AIVP network in the region.

Olivier Lemaire presented the AIVP’s work during a round table led by Hugo Borelli, President of the Port of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) and recently elected Vice President of AIVP for the region. Among the presentations was a remarkable talk by Sergio Diaz, Colombian Minister of Trade and Industry, who painted a glowing and well-argued picture on Colombian economic growth. For 10 years, the volume of the Colombian maritime traffic rose by an annual average of almost 6%. This growth, which is not unique to Colombia but is largely shared by most other countries in the region, inevitably brings with it a pressing need for the restructuring and development of ports which remain badly equipped and sometimes difficult to access.

Moreover, in Andean countries, regions of production are often developed in densely populated and mountainous central zones and are therefore situated far from low-lying ports:  a noteworthy additional challenge, that will also bring challenges for sustainable development.

Many businesses and service providers for the ports present at this conference, particularly the North Americans, are witnessing the attraction of this market contrasted with a Europe in crisis. AIVP was quoted as reference by various speakers including ECLAC, who warned about the growing importance of linking port growth to developmental issues in maritime cities and regions in order to better anticipate problems.

Within the framework of the conclusions of the conference, the Declaration of Bogotá has been approved by the participants. AIVP members will note that port cities topics have not been forgotten (§ 7), demonstrating the importance of the issue for the Latin American port authorities.

§ 7: “That the Latin American ports authorities are strongly committed to their communities within the framework of assistance and corporate social responsibility programmes so that – port as city – grow at the same rate and share common objectives.”

Read: Declaración de Bogota

* In 2006 in Guayaquil (Ecuador) AIVP signed a memorandum of cooperation with AAPA in the framework of relationship-building between the two organisations. Participation in these meetings is a natural consequence of the development of active joint working between AIVP and AAPAs network of Latin American ports.


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