The conclusions of the OECD programme on port-cities presented at Rotterdam on 9 September

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Rotterdam 2013 © AIVPThe object of the OECD programme was to take stock of knowledge on relations between ports and cities that support their development. The study analyses a dozen cases (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the Seine corridor (Paris-Rouen-le Havre-Caen), Hamburg, Helsinki, Marseille-Fos, Mersin, the Danube corridor, Durban, Antofagasta as well as Shanghai).

The OECD has tried to show the points of divergence between cities and their ports, and areas where they complement one another. These various profiles of port-cities have thus opened a space for reflection on the competitiveness of ports and the importance of port-city relations in the sustainable development strategies applied. The study has enabled OECD – for the first time – to capitalise knowledge on the dynamic of today’s port-city relationship in economic performance and sustainable development.

The programme administrator, Olaf Merk, has been invited to take part in AIVP’s work on several occasions, and was able to make use of the Association’s documentary resource centre.

AIVP is delighted by the interest shown by this world-wide institution, and we note that, apart from the general finding of the need for better collaboration and the drafting of common development strategies, the port-city profiles studied present a range of differences, linked particularly to the diversity of their cultural, institutional and legal contexts. This diversity in the situations encountered and in the expression of the city-port relationship lends additional importance to exchanges of experiences between these port-cities of the world, which today all face the same economic, social and environmental challenges.

At this international meeting, Yves Leterme, Deputy Secretary General of OECD, announced that this first study will be followed by a second version which will lay greater stress on questions of governance. AIVP will follow this new initiative with continuing interest.

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