The Board of Directors commits AIVP to the path of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)!

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Actus-CAAt its meeting in Paris on 21 November, the Board ratified the choice of the company Pur Projet* to develop CSR actions for the Association. With its support, AIVP hopes to improve its carbon footprint and take a more active part in the fight against climate change.

Participants at conferences and other events organised by AIVP already get credit for a CSR contribution through their enrolment fees.  The money collected by AIVP will in future be used for the actions of Pur Projet, which offers all the necessary guarantees of traceability and added value.

The Directors of AIVP, drawn from 8 countries in Europe, Africa and South America, also discussed the balance of the association’s activities for 2013.  Some motives for satisfaction: the success of the 2 events in Helsinki and Marseilles and the development of the network. The daily tasks of monitoring port-city projects also allowed increased services to be developed for members.

Capitalising on AIVP’s knowledge is an important success factor in the organisation of future events, such as – for 2014 – the annual general meeting in Genoa on 26  and 27 June and the World Conference at Durban on 4 to 6 November.  It is also an indispensable preliminary to the production of the good practices guides currently being prepared on “Plan the City with the Port” and “Societal Integration of Ports”.  The web platform is being enriched with new functions. The capacity of AIVP to respond to demands for expertise is growing. All these actions will be developed further in the coming years.

 *Pur Projet manages eco-responsible projects in agro-forestry and forest resource preservation all over the world. The object here is to allow village communities access to a better quality of life while regenerating and protecting forest ecosystems.

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