Dock infos N°88, december 2013

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Happy and prosperous year in 2014!

Jean-Pierre Lecomte

It is fashionable today, when speaking in public or writing in the press, to see the glass as half empty rather than half full. Is everything really so bad? The economy, society, biodiversity, climate, energy – there is no shortage of subjects for concern. They naturally demand actions on the scale of the challenges, and admit no place for national selfishness in our globalised contemporary societies. At AIVP, as in many other world-wide networks, we are working on this. Without being overly optimistic, but as President of an international association which by its nature is attentive to the transformations at work all over the globe, I would simply like to recall that the growth of international maritime trade has contributed extensively over the last few decades to the enrichment of a number of nations. Their inhabitants have gained access to a better quality of life and higher education.

Our collective capacity to imagine innovative solutions to our global challenges has of course been considerably increased as a result. The dynamics at work in the circulation of ideas, goods and people favour comprehension and acceptance of different ways of life, the indispensable preconditions for the application of common strategies. Finally, the recent awareness at a world level of the non-renewable nature of many resources is starting to lead to the emergence of new modes of consumption, which are less selfish and more responsible.

Each day brings its harvest of technological, social or political innovations, underpinning our changing societies. Here and there, progress is being made – rapid progress. In each of our port-cities, let us learn to see the glass half full! I wish you all a happy and prosperous year in 2014!

Jean-Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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