Part of AIA Life Designers Group, AIA Territoires is dedicated to urban projects, cities and territories. The firm has a multi-disciplinary team with varied, complementary backgrounds, including architects, urban planners, landscaping specialists, geographers, and engineers specializing in planning, development and mobility. Thanks to its systemic approach and the extensive combined experience of its executive staff, the firm is a key, agile player in complex projects: from the street to public spaces, from city districts to wider regions. The team not only boasts a unique concentration of skills, but shares a commitment to keeping up with the latest developments, learnings and practices from around the world. We are developing expertise in the port field, particularly in the area of City Port interfaces with examples at the ports of Lorient, Le Havre, Royan or Nantes Saint-Nazaire. That mutual enrichment of the port and city is our credo, as well as to rebuild the city within the city as part of an environmentally responsible approach in redeveloping industrial, hospital or residential sites.