“Green Ports of the Indian Ocean” – partnership with AFD and the Association of Indian Ocean Ports

The AIVP has a large number of member ports and port cities around the Indian Ocean. In 2020/21 it carried out a study on behalf of the Association of Indian Ocean Ports (APIOI), aimed at accelerating their ecological transition. The three working themes were adaptation to climate change; energy transition and circular economy; and the development of the city-port interface. A territorial diagnosis was drawn up by a team of experts from the AIVP network. Recommendations have been given to APIOI, so as to draft together a “roadmap for greening”. For the energy sector, the potential of which is strong in this region, recommendations relative to various green technologies have been issued: thalassothermal energy, wave energy, or even the valorisation of bio-waste. The potential of the Indian Ocean ports in the energy sector is particularly strong. On the question of sea level rise, very concrete recommendations were formulated in order to prepare the fragile archipelagos such as the Comoros, the Seychelles or Mauritius for the 2050 and 2100 horizons. Finally, as the cultural value of the ports in the area is undeniable, given the port history of each island, the Port Centre concept was developed during this study. The final deliverable was delivered in December 2022. Calls for projects will be launched in 2023 by APIOI to continue the work at the feasibility and pre-design level.

This project has received financial support from the French Development Agency (AFD), as part of its FEXTE programme.