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“What is a good practice?”

The AIVP 2030 Agenda identifies over 25 challenges that each of you faces in your efforts to create a sustainable port city for your citizens. AIVP’s recommendations on ways to achieve that task are illustrated by 150 good practices, each and every one a real, concrete solution.

The fruit of over 30 years of collective experience built up through the AIVP network, these best practices are a source of inspiration and a valuable decision-making tool.


In the 1980s, disused port land became seen more frequently as port activities were relocated in response to growth in container traffic. Those areas of land represented opportunities for the city, and there was much talk of regeneration. Today, over 30 years after AIVP was founded in 1988, the question of what to do with disused port land is as relevant as ever. But while in many port cities, the port is actually being developed outside the city itself, we have also seen the gradual emergence of a new terminology and new strategies. It is no longer merely about the urban reconquest of abandoned port spaces, but instead actively returning the port to the city, or keeping the active port in the city. Rather than segregation, the focus is increasingly on mixed uses, integration, and opening up to the public.

In port cities, faced with global and local challenges, the priority is now on partnerships, and pooling resources and territories. The latest technological advances have paved the way for operational solutions for developing industrial ecology in city/port spaces, improving management of mobility and traffic in interface zones, expanding renewable energies, opening the port up to citizens to promote greater social and societal integration, and so on.

The idea behind this online platform is to provide City-Port authorities and stakeholders with a decision-making tool, to help them tackle the many challenges they encounter in their efforts to “Develop the City with the Port / Develop the Port with the City” and to achieve the ten commitments identified in the AIVP 2030 Agenda. Our AIVP recommendations and good practices are not intended to be exhaustive.  First and foremost, they are designed as sources of inspiration and ideas for ways to address these challenges. They are based on feedback and experiences shared at the many worldwide meetings held by AIVP since its creation, and on our everyday monitoring of news on City Port projects and relations around the globe. Future meetings and monitoring will see this platform regularly updated with new examples.

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