The concept

It is an interface with a playful atmosphere between the city, the port and the inhabitants, where the port can communicate its missions, projects and associated careers.

What is a Port Center?

Pursuing this objective of awareness and enhancement of port activities, Port Centers provide the public, initiated or not, with the possibility to discover, experience and understand better contemporary port activities.

A space open to the widest public, it can cover subjects such as industrial port activities, the goods transported, international trade, the port professions or again the integration of the port with its city and many others.

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Why create a Port Center?

Creating a Port Center with AIVP means arming yourself with a priceless mediation resource that addresses the needs of citizens in every port community, and answers their questions about the port and what it does.

It is a sustainable approach designed to bring all your partners on board with your development initiatives. A Port Center can help ensure that your projects enjoy the support of the wider community, by providing the right information about your plans and activities.

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Key messages

  • Create the link between citizens and their port, make people proud of their port
  • Develop the idea of a “port citizen”.
  • Create a sense of community, it should be a place that brings ideas together and allows people to meet
  • Present and explain the port, the industrial port professions in order to create vocations and share port values
  • To establish a new and sustainable relationship between the city and the port
  • To collaborate with the port community to develop on-site visits and to provide a reality check.

The Mission of a Port Center

The Port Center Missions Charter, produced in collaboration with AIVP’s experts, is the reference document you need to rally your partners around shared goals. It sets out your commitments and ambitions for dialogue with citizens, and shows your port community what the future could look like.

The Mission Charter of a Port Center defines in ten points the essential challenges and objectives of any Port Center:

  • Explaining the port
  • Promoting port-related trades and professions
  • Projecting the port’s image
  • Experiencing the real port
  • Learning through Edutainment
  • Adapting to the public
  • Engaging the Port Community
  • Developing a Port Center in synergy with people involved in the region’s heritage and culture
  • Maintaining a neutrality – developing the spirit of a Port Culture Forum
  • Assisting the sharing of experiences

Antwerp Port Center, Belgique

Genoa Port Center, Italie

Port Center Le Havre, France

Livorno Port Center, Italie

Port and City of Montreal, Canada

Port of Ashdod – Visitor Center, Israel

Port de la Guadeloupe et ses partenaires, France

Transnet Port Authority, Afrique du Sud

Dublin Port Company and City of Dublin, Irelande

Lorient Agglomeration et Audelor, France

Port of Quebec, Canada

Port of Vancouver, Discovery Center, Canada

Port et Communauté Portuaire de Bruxelles, Belgique

Communauté Ville Port de Marseille, France

Ville de Le Port, Port Réunion et TCO, France

Communauté Ville Port Côte d’Azur, France

Communauté Ville Port de Bilbao, Espagne

Our label

The “Port Center By AIVP” label certifies that your actions conform to the Port Center Missions Charter. It ensures that your project has complete credibility in the eyes of your partners and the public.



How to
create a Port Center

The Port Center Concept is an effective way to make sustainable port city relations a practical reality. Find out how to create your Port Center.

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