Aquapesca, the premier organic aquaculture prawn farm in Mozambique, is a subsidiary of the French company Armement des Mascareignes. Armement des Mascareignes has forged a solid reputation through the fishing of tropical fish of Reunion while exploring the more remote waters of the Indian Ocean, becoming an important player in the lobster fishing industry of the Islands of Saint Paul and Amsterdam as well as in the fishing of Chilean sea bass on the Kerguelen Islands. This ever present pioneering and visionary spirit led to the creation, in 1994, of the Aquapesca farm on the coast of Mozambique. From a technical point of view, Aquapesca is an outstanding prawn farm (Certified BIO according to French certification standards AB) capable of ensuring total traceability right from the laying of the eggs to the point of deep freezing. The farm also possesses outstanding social and environmental credentials. Aquapesca features among the most significant French investments in Mozambique, with the support of the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement). The farm products are superior in taste than the wild prawns that used to be fished by trawlers, yet their natural and marine habitat is carefully preserved. The detailed work carried out by the 600-strong Aquapesca staff is recognized and promoted not only by the best chefs in the world but also by industry professionals (SIAL d’OR 2008, Coq d’OR 2010).



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