The Ionian Sea Port System Authority (Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ionio - AdSPMI) is the governing body of the Port of Taranto. Created under and for the purposes of Law No. 84 of 28 January 1994, AdSPMI has taken up the challenges identified by the government by operating with the aim of structuring and enhancing the concept of "system", introduced in 2016 with the reform of the Italian port sector.

 Today, AdSPMI is a key player in the regeneration of the logistics and port ecosystem of the Ionian Arc, thanks to the implementation of numerous actions and projects aimed at innovation, sustainability and coordination of interventions aimed at the economic development of the territory. The strategic objective underlying the institutional mission of the entity is to intercept the main levers of growth linked to the economy of the sea and to port and logistics activities, making the Ionian port not only the driving force of innovation in the local area, but also the hub in which to develop new projects capable of contributing to the blue and sustainable growth of the entire country's system.

 Within the framework of its strategic planning (see the Three-Year Operational Plan 2020-2022 - 2021 revision), AdSPMI promotes a general process of diversification of port activities with the aim of supporting the revival of Taranto's industrial-logistical system and that of cruise tourism, through an alignment of its interventions with the promotion strategy implemented at regional, national and international level, with a view to propelling and driving the entire local economy.

 This process is associated with a commitment to the diffusion of a renewed cultural identity, made possible by the regenerated port-city binomial which, in Taranto, gives rise to new visions of development. AdSPMI promotes the culture of the sea and the maritime-port identity also through the implementation of specific actions and projects (such as, for example, Open Port - Port of Taranto Exhibition Centre) aimed at opening the port of Taranto to new dynamics of development and interaction with the local community and with the international network of port cities.