A subsidiary of the BRL Group, BRL Ingénierie (BRL Engineering) is a multi-disciplinary research consultancy working in France and for export. BRL-I provides intellectual solutions in port and waterfront development, in marine and river hydraulics, civil engineering, geo-techniques, hydromechanics, environment, economic and financial analyses. Its missions include: - Diagnostic studies and preliminary surveys, - Missions of prime contracting (surveys and monitoring of work), - Advice, expertise and training. Installed in Nimes in the Languedoc Roussillon regions, BRL-I's interventions cover the whole of the national territory (including the overseas departments and territories) as well as in around forty countries. In the last few years, BRL-I have intervened on several Cites and Ports issues, in particular: - Definition study for receiving cruise ships as close as possible to the old of the Port of Marseilles. - Studies for the Tourism Yachting Centre (new basin for medium sized craft) in the West Port of Port Reunion, for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Reunion, - Long term study for the reorganisation of the ports of the city of Ajaccio with a horizon of 2020 (in a group with Atelier 9) for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ajaccio and South Corsica, - Providing technical assistance with the creation of a new container terminal in PUERTO CORTES - HONDURAS; - Analysing the impact and economic importance of sailing in Languedoc Roussillon; - Conducting a study looking at reinforcement of the protective seawall at the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, and examining the conditions for its opening to the public; - Conducting a study of the conditions for dredging and deepening of the waters in the port of Cassis; - Definition study for receiving cruises and ocean yachts on the French side of Saint Martin, Marigot Bay (in a group with Argos, Urbaniste) for the local government body of Saint Martin, - Study for the jumboisation of the Cross Channel berths of the Port of Calais, for the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. - Studies of the planning activities for the sustainable development of the port of Sète and of its hinterland for the region Languedoc Roussillon, - Study of the new port masterplan 2015 / 2040 on the Reunion Island.