The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Corsica is in charge of the Ports of Bastia and L'île-Rousse. As such, it deals with 3 main fields of activity: - Operational - Promotional - Development. The Port of Commerce of Bastia is the natural and privileged gateway to Corsica. Its perfect geographic location on the Island’s East Coast gives it a major advantage, at the heart of the Tyrrhenian arc in the Gulf of Genoa just in front of Tuscany. The port of L'île-Rousse is located in Balagne on the North-West coastline of Corsica. In 2019, with nearly 2.1 million passengers, Bastia is the first port of Corsica with over 43% of the global traffic and L’île-Rousse ranks third place with about 341 000 passengers. In order to maintain its leading position, the Chamber of Commerce of Corsica is undertaking the improvement of its ports facilities by pursuing 2 major projects: the “Portu Novu” situated South of Bastia and the plan of development for the port of L’île-Rousse.