Granted a special status as early as 1982, Corsica was raised, by the Law of 13 May 1991, to become a Territorial Authority of the Republic. Its institutional organisation is original. The Assembly of Corsica through its deliberations governs the affairs of Corsica. The Executive Council of Corsica directs the action of the Territorial Authority of Corsica (CTC). The Territorial Authority of Corsica has wider competences and greater power than that granted to the other regions of common law. As regards the transport sector, the CTC ensures territorial continuity between Corsica and the Continent by organising the public service of air and sea connections. The CTC is the owner of the cargo ports of Ajaccio and Bastia and the four airports of the island and executes their management. It builds, modernises and maintains the network of national roads (555 km). It extends, modernises and maintains the island rail network (232 km), the operations of which are currently delegated to the SNCF.