With its geographical situation and its available land sites, Dunkirk has been able to strengthen its economic dimension as a European industrial, port and energy centre whilst diversifying its economic tissue. The development of the university, of its research laboratories and the density of services to industry are today encouraging a strong innovatory drive. The revitalisation of the city centre and the recovery of abandoned port areas started in the 1990’s on the initiative of the Urban Community. The aim is to give the Dunkirk conglomeration a living and attractive centre, of a suitable dimension for a living environment of over 260,000 inhabitants. The process began with the British architect Richard Rogers and continued with the Spanish urban planner Joan Busquets. The Phoenix Project was launched in 2014 under the leadership of Patrice Vergriete, Mayor of Dunkirk and President of the Urban Community. Housing, shops, education, leisure activities and entertainments, tourism,... all the elements that contribute towards the vivacity and development of the city are an integral part of this ambitious urban project.