CNR is France’s leading producer of exclusively renewable energy and the concessionary of the Rhone for hydroelectricity production, river transport and irrigation for agricultural use. As a joint stock company in the public interest, CNR stands out thanks to its role as territorial developer. Since 2004, CNR undertook more than 600 projects in schemes to do with the environment, tourism, green energy etc. Regarding navigation, CNR operates 18 industrial and port sites from Lyon to the Mediterranean. It forms a network of 1 port each 20km to answer local demand. Port of Lyon forms the bridgehead of this network. CNR is also in charge of territorial development with the rental of plots and warehouses intended for industry and logistic services. In all 880ha of land accommodate 230 companies operating in logistic and industry (construction, recycling, etc.) and which generate more than 5.500 jobs.

COMPAGNIE NATIONALE DU RHONE – Direction Territoriale Rhône Saône