Bahía Blanca is the most important provincial port under autonomous management in Argentina. It is a genuine deep-water port, with an operating capacity for vessels of up to 45 feet draft. Since September 1993, the administration and operation of the port have been in the hands of Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca (Bahía Blanca Port Management Consortium), a non-state organization in public law, run by a board which is made up of representatives of the public, labour and private sectors, active participants with a profound knowledge of the peculiarities of port management. This is why companies which operate in the Port of Bahía Blanca find that our organization offers the simplicity and security which result from direct dialogue. There are no intermediaries or bureaucratic hurdles. We speak your language. We know the needs of the market and we are able to evaluate projects and resolve proposals without delay. Personalized attention to our clients, giving them what they really need, is a fundamental tool; combined with the port's unmatched operating conditions and infrastructure, it puts us in the forefront in terms of capturing genuine risk investment for the port zone. All adding up to a demonstration of confidence in the present and future of Bahía Blanca. And at the same time a great challenge, which requires our commitment to go on working to offer more and better services every day, and to be the driving force for growth in an extensive area of the region and the country. Leaders of transformation. Leaders of progress. Leaders of hope.