ECOncrete® is an industry-standard concrete technology provider that brings biodiversity, carbon storage, and superior structural performance to any marine infrastructure. Solutions using ECOncrete’s technology are quickly encrusted in rich marine life, like oysters and corals. This living layer not only makes concrete more durable, but also transforms fully-constructive concrete into a self-mitigating, carbon storing structure.

A healthy ecosystem grows on ECOncrete thanks to a patented technology package: admix alters concrete’s chemical composition; texture agents create complex surfaces; and molds or mold liners enable nature-inclusive structural designs. These technologies have been seamlessly integrated in 40+ projects across 8 countries and 6 seas, cost-effectively and with a unique return on investment. With ECOncrete infrastructure, waterfront assets like ports,  shoreline communities at risk of erosion and flooding, and diverse offshore construction applications can be built responsibly. 

Good practices

Good practice
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Port of San Diego (USA): inoovative tide pools

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Coastal Resiliency Report. Besides assessing the impact of sea […]