Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes is a state-owned public establishment. With 5 sites distributed throughout the archipelago (Port of Jarry in Baie-Mahault, Port of Pointe- a`-Pitre, Port of Basse-Terre, Port of Folle-Anse in Marie-Galante, Bas-du-Fort Marina), Guadeloupe Port Carai¨bes fully assumes its role as a responsible player for the balanced development of the region. A driving force in the economy of Guadeloupe benefitting from a strategic position in the heart of the Caribbean, at the crossroads for sea routes between Europe, America and Asia; the port is the main guarantor of the quality of commercial exchange with the rest of the world. With 5,800 hectares of industrial, urban and natural spaces, particularly at sea, which it develops and maintains, Guadeloupe Port Carai¨bes has a specific responsibility towards the environment and the living environment of the population. Having a strong belief that port-citizen dialogue is vital to ensuring an attractive and competitive modern port community, Guadeloupe has committed to the Port Center initiative since 2015.



Good practices

Good practice
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The Port of Guadeloupe (France) is protecting the coastal ecosystems

The Grand Port Maritime of Guadeloupe started the environmental Plan Cáyoli in 2016, planned over […]