The Rouen metropolis enjoys a strategic situation in the heart of the Seine Valley, at a crossroads of road, river and maritime transport routes. It is the port of entry for the Ile de France (the Paris region), and its large river and sea port forms part of an alliance with the ports of Le Havre and Paris, HAROPA. It accounts for one quarter of the jobs in Normandy, with a powerful industrial tradition now enlarged by production in new technologies. It is the principal economic centre of north-western France, an important tertiary sector and a fast-developing metropolis along the banks of the Seine. A vast urban redevelopment operation on 120 hectares is being carried out in three new zones of abandoned port and industrial land. This will bring into existence a new model of metropolis where development is conditioned by quality of life and environmental performance. It is also a major tourist destination, combining the latest modern developments with the preservation and exploitation of its historical and cultural riches.



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Rouen (France) modernity reflected by the impressionists and the port’s history

Designed by architect Jacques Ferrier, the new headquarters of Métropole Rouen Normandie opened in summer […]