With 350 employees, the port of Kinshasa is one of the six operational departments of the Commercial Transport and Ports Company, known as SCTPA SA. Thanks to its multimodal chain capabilities, SCTP SA supports the national economy by allowing people and goods to transit the country through its six operational departments: Seaports, Port of Kinshasa, River Ports and Transport, Railways, Shipyards and General Services. The port of Kinshasa is a hub for river, rail and road transport links, and offers customers a highly attractive location. Services provided: Mooring and processing of river craft Stowage services for goods and wood materials Warehousing and storage of packages and many other items Stuffing and stripping of containers Security and safekeeping of goods Port infrastructures: The port of Kinshasa has six quays, with a total length of 1,560 m. Warehouse space: 60,555 m2. Yard space 25,032 m2. Container park and logyard: 82,500 m2. Length of railway serving the port: 14,732.37 m. Conventional handling facilities: Dockside cranes: 9 (including 1 x 45T gantry crane and 1 x 35T log crane); self-propelled crane: 3 x 45T reach stackers (1 SANY and 2 KALMAR); 1 x 65T mobile Locatelli crane; 12 forklifts, including 7 x 5 tonne trucks, 1 x 16 tonne and 4 x 4 tonne (newly acquired); 2 x 14T log loaders 14T (1 Doosan and 1 Caterpillar); 2 x tractors; 6 x platforms; 1 x 60T weighbridge; 1 shuttle boat. Investments planned: Port reconstruction and modernisation Development of a new loading quay Acquisition of new equipment Storage platform and warehouse development Commitment by personnel to raise human resources capabilities: planting trees to protect the environment.