Commercial port of Guinea where the country carries out 90% of its trade with the outside world, the Port of Conakry constitutes a major logistics platform in sub-Saharan Atlantic Africa. Its geostrategic position for the countries of the hinterland such as Mali and Burkina Faso contributes to the economic integration of the West African sub-region. Second largest producer of Bauxite in the world, Guinea now positions the port of Conakry as a growth incubator through the presence of four (4) port terminals: Containers/RORO, General Cargo, Mining and Fish Products.

With major investments in infrastructure and equipment (3 quay gantries, 12 RTG, 6 cranes of 145 tons each), the Port of Conakry benefits from ISO 9001 and Green Terminal certifications. In addition to this latest generation modern equipment, the Port of Conakry has developed and built a 4.2 km road and a 1,200-space truck parking lot. This bodes well for its development in order to meet the demands of global competitiveness.