In 2008, as part of efforts to raise the Moroccan tourist industry’s international profile, the Moroccan government set up a new body devoted to developing and promoting investment in the country’s tourism sector: the “Société Marocaine d’Ingénierie Touristique”, otherwise known as SMIT. SMIT is a platform providing support and assistance to investors and local communities through a range of actions designed to make the country’s tourist offering more attractive. Capitalising on its extensive knowledge of tourist destinations and the potential for tourist development in each of the regions, SMIT offers qualitative, scalable solutions tailored to the development of natural and cultural assets, to promote the development of a unique product set apart from the national and international competition. By identifying the right concept for each territory based on the target positioning of each tourist destination, SMIT aims to shape Morocco’s tourist landscape, while extending the socio-economic benefits to every link in the industry’s value chain and ensuring fairness between territories. A key player in the planning and development of Moroccan tourism, SMIT develops and deploys pioneering concepts to meet the needs of the State, Local and Regional Authorities and investors. In addition to its contribution to the design of the 2020 Vision, SMIT also plays a vital role in implementing projects to develop tourism. With its battery of indicators, SMIT constantly monitors tourism growth and determines whether each territory is meeting targets in terms of positioning and capacity. SMIT is increasingly an essential partner in the Moroccan tourist value chain for developing tourism clusters with a unique, competitive and sustainable offering. What instruments, tools, synergies and tourism promotion strategies can be adopted to stimulate economic and social development? How can flows be captured to boost local jobs? How can sustainable tourist products be made more attractive? How can the industry be encouraged to operate tourist sites sustainably? Finding answers to these questions is SMIT’s job, identifying new models and approaches to tourist development suited to the requirements of each territory and the expectations of private investors and public stakeholders.