The city of Pointe-Noire is located in the south of the country, Pointe-Noire lies on the Atlantic coast. It is the country’s economic and industrial capital, and covers an area of almost 40,000 hectares, with a population of 1.2 million people. To the north, the city of Pointe-Noire is bounded by the red river (national highway n°5); To the south, by Djeno village and the Atlantic Ocean (national highway n°4); To the east, by Mengo (national highway n°1); To the west, by the Atlantic Ocean. Geographic coordinates: 4° 47 latitude south and 11°50 longitude east. Climate: hot and humid, with two very distinct seasons: • The rainy season (hot) from October to May, • The dry season, from June to September. Administratively, the municipality of Pointe-Noire is divided into six districts or “arrondissements”: • Arrondissement n°1 LUMUMBA • Arrondissement n°2 MVOUMVOU • Arrondissement n°3 TIE-TIE • Arrondissement n°4 LOANDJILI • Arrondissement n°5 MONGO-MPOUKOU • Arrondissement n°6 NGOYO The city of Pointe-Noire, which is also one of the country’s administrative “departments”, has an urban community known as Tchiamba-Nzassi, and also a departmental and municipal council of 85 elected representatives, which since 24 August 2022 has been led by Ms. Evelyne TCHICHELLE, Mayor of Pointe-Noire.