Isabelle VRIES

Isabelle VRIES

General Manager M4H

About the expert

Isabelle Vries works as General Manager at the Rotterdam Makers District, a development program of the municipality and Port Authority, with the aim of transformation of former port areas RDM and MerweVierhavens (M4H). The executing office is responsible for communications, branding, sales, innovation programs and events for public and businesses. But the most energy takes the physical transition of the area ‘Merwe/Vierhavens’- M4H. M4H will be transformed into a district for innovative and creative manufacturers and their service providers, including housing and leisure. Rotterdam Makers District also includes the further development of RDM Rotterdam, the former dry dock area, which is turned into a campus for innovative businesses, knowledge institutes and educational institutes.Before, Isabelle worked as senior advisor Corporate Strategy at the Port of Rotterdam Authority and as program manager of the Port Vision 2030. Until 2015 she was associate professor of applied sciences at the Rotterdam University. In 2016 she was curator and partner of the International Conference of Cities and Ports of the AIVP, entitled “Cross-Overs”. She published frequently on port planning, port city relationship and port city governance. She was co-author of the book “Port of Rotterdam, from City to Sea” (2015, NAi010 publishers).Further headlines of her professional career: Manager division Environment and Spatial Planning at Public Works of Rotterdam (until 2002) and Project manager Port Plan 2020 (2002-2004)She has two Master degrees: Master City Developer at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Master Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University.

Stay tuned on shared goals, but with acknowledgment of each others (different) priorities. Make these explicit. In the end the interests are the same; sustainable, resilient port cities

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