Pool resources on the basis of industrial ecology principles

The fight against climate change requires innovative solutions to improve the energy performance of ports and cities. Industrial ecology, a development approach based on cooperation between social and economic stakeholders with pooled resources, is inspired by the principles of sustainable development. It aims to combat pollution and minimise the use of resources and energy. It is an approach particularly suited to port territories, where these new synergies can be exploited between local businesses and the city.

Good practice

Over fifty-five years after taking its first steps in 1961, the Symbiosis project remains a model of industrial ecology to this day. There are now 23 projects in the industrial-port complex of Kalundborg, based on the principle of a circular economy with industrial waste (water, slurry, smoke, etc.) processed and recycled for power generation or as a raw material for other industries.

More information: Symbiosis project ; See the video

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