Turn the demand for new connections into an opportunity for creating new spaces

Establishing a new road layout for the city and the port is one way of improving port competitiveness, reducing the environmental impact of port activities and optimising the accessibility of city/port sites. The creation of new access points can also result in the availability of new spaces.

Good practice

The port of Valparaiso is one of Chile’s two principal container ports. The port is located near the city centre, and there is very limited potential for expanding along the coast. This situation, along with the related congestion problems, have forced the port to pursue the optimisation of existing space and to implement a new logistics model. In the mid-nineties, an onshore outer port was created, along with – a few years later – a Logistics Support Zone (ZEAL) outside the city and its 11.6 km access road dedicated to port traffic. These changes have made it possible to maintain port efficiency and to undertake urban development projects, by freeing seafront land for an urban and commercial redevelopment programme.

Puerto Valparaiso-ZEAL

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