The EU Commission has given the green light for a new project as part of the Interreg – North Sea programme. Through multinational cooperation (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany) between 13 organisations, AIVP and its active member Ports de Lille have secured EU funding for river port cities.

The proposal aims to improve commercial, environmental, and recreational uses of waterways in Northern Europe. There will also be a focus on river waterfronts. Once again, AIVP will promote shared governance, technological innovation, and a mixed-use approach.

To that end, the Connected River project will concentrate on three key elements:

  • involving new stakeholders not traditionally associated with waterway governance; 
  • trialling new project management methods such as design thinking in waterway management;
  • launching pilot schemes to test out new solutions.

The port of Lille will be one of the trial sites selected for this European project.