The GreenTech Conference 2023, organized by Green Marine, witnessed the active participation of the AIVP (International Association of Cities and Ports), emphasizing sustainable solutions for the maritime sector. In the session “International Perspectives,” Caya Hein, representing the AIVP, highlighted the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in shaping a greener future for port cities. The AIVP and Green Marine share a joint aim of greening and sustainable developing the port ecosystem.

Key topics addressed during the conference included:

  • Green Maritime Corridors: Discussions centered on reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental performance through innovative solutions such as alternative fuels, electrification, and efficient logistics.
  • Decarbonization: The conference emphasized strategies for the shipping industry to achieve carbon neutrality, including the adoption of hydrogen and ammonia propulsion systems, shore power, and energy-efficient port infrastructure.
  • Ecosystem Monitoring: The importance of monitoring and conserving ecosystems surrounding ports was highlighted, with a focus on smart sensors, data analytics, and nature-based solutions for biodiversity preservation and pollution mitigation.
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Experts shared insights on climate change adaptation strategies, including infrastructure design, flood management, and coastal protection measures to safeguard port operations and communities from rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

The GreenTech conference was an opportunity for the AIVP to meet North American port actors and strengthen existing ties with others.Collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing platforms like the Green Tech Conference are essential in shaping the future of port cities, where environmental responsibility and economic growth go hand in hand.

David Bolduc, Président of Green Marine/Alliance Verte
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