We look forward to welcoming AIVP, the Worldwide Network of Port Cities, to our beautiful port city of Riga from 6 to 8 June 2019.


It will be our pleasure to introduce you to Latvia’s capital, a Hanseatic city whose thousand-year history is intimately tied to that of its commercial port on the Baltic Sea. Riga is also fortunate enough to be able to offer visitors a quite outstanding historic heritage. Our city is known around the world as the “capital of art nouveau”, and is home to many iconic buildings designed in that distinctive architectural style. Since Latvia gained independence in 1991, less than three decades ago, we have welcomed more and more tourists each year, who come to admire our architecture, historic and natural riches, and of course our cuisine! The Baltic countries, and Riga in particular, are now among the world’s essential tourist destinations. Riga is also now a vibrant smart city, attractive to investors and artists alike, and is sure to leave a big impression on the members of AIVP.

The port of Riga was founded over 800 years ago, and sits astride the Daugava, from the historic centre of the city to the river mouth on the Baltic Sea. The port is an integral part of the city. With over 36 million tonnes of goods passing through it in 2018, the port occupies a special place in the city and for Latvia and the countries of the CIS. So the city-port relationship is naturally hugely important to us, and we are strongly committed to the work of AIVP, of which the Freeport of Riga Authority has been a member since 2006!


At the event in June, we will be particularly pleased to be able to offer you a programme of activities organised around AIVP’s new 2030 Agenda, the ten point plan outlined at the World Conference in Quebec last year. We see the document as highly significant and a powerful call to action. Like you, here in Riga we are engaged in a debate about global environmental, economic and social issues, and the right way to respond to them locally in our various projects. Like you, we are striving to find the best expertise to build our sustainable development approach. We also need to convince our economic and institutional partners to work as closely as possible with us.


Cities and ports, in Riga and elsewhere, must cooperate not just for the benefit of the economy, but also in the interests of the environment and social integration. In Riga, with plans to move the port’s large coal terminal, we are ushering in a new era of active cooperation with the city. We look forward to your visit, and the opportunity to discuss your projects and ambitions.


See you soon in Riga!