On the 19th of December Dr. José M P Sánchez Director of the Agenda 2030 by AIVP, represented our organization in an online event organized by Forum Ocano on the framework of the Marmed EU project. The goal of the webinar was to share good practices on the development of new skills for the blue and economy and maritime sector. Mr. Sánchez highlighted the important role of port cities in these sectors and the need to have a broad approach to education for the blue economy, from implementing Port Centers to facilitate the social integration of ports, to develop edutainment initiatives for younger audiences and fostering maritime careers, to specific training of the workforce and creating innovation hubs. Other speakers included Dr. Ruben Eiras (Secretary General, Fórum Oceano), Ms. Lorella Ciuti (MARMED Project representative – Fórum Oceano), Ana Brito e Melo (Chief Operating Officer; WavEC – Offshore Renewables) and Amaya Soto Rey (MATES and FLORES projects). The moderator was Mr. Frederico Pinto Ferreira (BlueTech Manager, Fórum Oceano). These and other topics will be addressed in the World Conference Cities and Ports that will take place in Lisbon next year (27-30 of November 2024).