On July 10, 2019, Jose Sánchez from AIVP joined a working session in Dublin Port Authority HQ, organized by Mr. Lar Joye and Mr. Jim Kelleher, to present the AIVP Agenda 2030, the Port Center concept and exploring international best practices.

Dublin port is currently developing a new masterplan for the Odlums Mill area, which will include new connections to the city, the new VTS office, a new archive for the port authority’s rich collection and a port center.

World renowned office Grafton architects, curators from the last Venice Biennale, is leading a multidisciplinary team, that will have to solve functional, aesthetic, economic and environmental challenges. The first ideas include developing a new elevated bicycle pathway, above active port areas, connecting to the Docklands. In the same seminar, other speakers provided different perspectives, contributing to the intense brainstorming session, including port engineers, architects, communication and cultural experts, representatives from the municipality and tourism department, and special guests, such as harbour master Cap. McKenna and Ms. Catriona Crowe, renowned Dublin historian. The project has the potential to become a beacon for port-city relationship in Dublin, including innovative solutions for mobility, urban design, communication and disclosure of the port’s soft values.

There is a great expectation for this project for the quality of the team and the design solutions it can provide, but we will have to wait until November to see the final masterplan.

In the same visit to Dublin, José Sánchez also met the manager of Smart City Docklands Director, Mr Jaime Cudden. The Docklands have gradually become a global test bed for new technologies to solve issues raging from water and waste management, mobility, and cultural disclosure. The expertise gathered in this area can provide a crossover with new projects developed by the port authority, opening the door to a “smart port-city relationship”. We will get to know more about the Docklands smart city plans in the next Dock Infos.

Photos of José Sanchez’ working mission in Dublin (Ireland)