Théo Fortin, as representative of the AIVP, attended the recent European Seaports Organization’s conference held in Bremen (Germany), on the 1st and 2nd of June. The collaboration between our two associations is dynamic and long-standing. Several sessions held during this conference had a significant relevance for the relationship between ports and cities.

The session titled “Is Greening Leading to Cooperation?” explored the growing emphasis on sustainable practices in port operations and how it could affect the relation between ports themselves and their surrounding communities.

In the session “Keeping the Course in the New Global Economic and Geopolitical Landscape,” the discussion focused on the need for ports to adapt to changing global trends and innovate to find new tools and business models.

The session exploring “Which Skills are Needed in the Port of the Future?” analyzed the evolving nature of port operations and the know-hows required for future success. Skill development and education will prove key in the next years. The participants agreed on the need for ports to invest in training programs that empower local residents, ensuring they have the necessary expertise to thrive in the changing port landscape.

The AIVP is glad to see that such topics and debates are gaining more importance among port decision makers and stays at their disposal to imagine the port city relation of the future.