The traditional New Year’s greeting ceremony organized by the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux was marked this year by the official launch of the “Le Pavillon, Port Center Bordeaux” project. This initiative, jointly led by the Port, the Greater Bordeaux Metropolis, and the maritime union, will find its place along the shores of the “bassins à flots,” both at the heart of ship repair activities and in the city center.

Over the decades, Bordeaux has underutilized its river, leaving the port and its numerous sites stretching over 100 km along the watercourse, in the shadows. The Port Center will emerge as a space for dialogue, aiming to unveil the mysteries of the port—a specialized port excelling in the fields of energy and circular economy, playing a strategic role for various industrial sectors.

This project, result of reflections and efforts by the AIVP, symbolizes the collective desire to reposition the port at the heart of urban life and citizens’ concerns. It marks a new beginning to collectively build the future of a maritime Bordeaux. Bruno Delsalle, General Manager of AIVP, was present at the ceremony. The association renewed its commitment to continue supporting the Port City territory of Bordeaux in this initiative, aligned with the Agenda 2030 by AIVP. The French Maritime Economy Conference scheduled in Bordeaux in November 2024 appears to be a crucial step in this collective adventure.

We look forward to following the progress of this exciting project, which will contribute to enrich the maritime heritage of Bordeaux and strengthening the bonds between the city and its port.