At its recent meeting on November 14, 2019, the AIVP Board of Directors concluded a year-long process of reflection by adopting a new strategy for the organisation.

Members from 11 different countries were present to take this important decision and set out the new roadmap for the association’s future direction. The three key planks of the new strategy are:

  1. Strengthening exclusive services for AIVP members;
  2. Supporting the development of Port Centers;
  3. Developing AIVP’s visibility and influence.

In particular, restoring citizens of port cities to their rightful place at the heart of AIVP’s future work was identified as a vital strategic priority. Various port authorities have spoken clearly about the need for closer dialogue between local development stakeholders and the public. Expectations are high, the challenges are numerous, and only a co-construction approach devised in concert with all of the stakeholders can avoid major conflict.

President of AIVP, Philippe MATTHIS, said: “Our association had a duty to adopt this new direction, already clearly illustrated by our AIVP 2030 Agenda, which has been a resounding international success. The way forward is now clear, and we are working hard to make our organisation an essential player, not just in terms of City Port dialogue, but also in efforts to shape a world that is fairer, more responsible, with greater solidarity. The kind of world in which we all aspire to live, and in which port cities have their rightful place.”