The Port of Setubal (Portugal) celebrates in 2023 its 100th anniversary with a complete cultural program, including a series of conferences along the year entitled “Fórum Investir, Inovar e descabornizar – Forum: Invest, innovate and decarbonize”. On the 21st of September the Port Authority hosted the most recent conference focusing on the port-city relationship and the Agenda 2030. This event counted with the keynote speech of Dr. José M P Sánchez, Director of the AIVP Agenda 2030, focusing on the role port cities play for sustainable development, the opportunities that exist and the need to engage the citizens in the creation of shared port city visions. Other speakers in the event included the Mayor of Setúbal, Mr. André Martins, and the President of the Port Authority of Lisbon and Setubal, Mr. Carlos Correia.