As a follow-up to the 17th World Conference Cities and Ports, find the Agenda 2030 of the AIVP which assists port city stakeholders to direct their actions and projects towards sustainable city-port relationships.

AIVP’s 2030 Agenda is the world’s first initiative to adapt the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the specific context of City Port relations.

Developed in 2018 at the World Conference in Quebec, it has 10 goals to be implemented by 2030:    

1. Climate change adaptation

2. Energy transition and circular economy

3. Sustainable mobility

4. Renewed governance

5. Investing in human capital

6. Port culture & identity

7. Quality food for all

8. Port City interface

9. Health & life quality

10. Protecting biodiversity 

Today, the Agenda has been ratified by nearly 120 members of our network.

Download AIVP’s Agenda 2030 : here

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The agenda was made in collaboration with :

THe AIVP has been a partner of UN bodies for many years (consultative status at UNCTAD, World Urban Campaign, etc.) but the AIVP Agenda 2030 was developed in close collaboration with UN-Habitat and is a variation of the 17 SDGs.