Last Friday, the 6th of October, was a special day for the port-city relationship in the Irish capital with two moments connected to the AIVP and the Dublin Port Company (DPC). In the morning, Mr. Barry O’Connell, CEO, signed the AIVP’s Agenda 2030, strengthening the commitment of DPC to develop sustainable port-city relationships and contributing to sustainable development as a global aim. The Agenda 2030 by AIVP defend a holistic perspective encouraging action on 10 key goals, from the energy transition to the port cultural development to the protection of biodiversity.

On the same day, Dr. José M P Sánchez, Director of the Agenda 2030 by AIVP and co-signatory of the document, give a lecture about the evolution of the port-city relationship, its connection to the sustainable development goals and key actions taken by port cities worldwide. This lecture was part of the program of the Dublin Festival of History, taking place from the 25th of September until the 15th of October.

Barry O’Connell, CEO of Dublin Port Company, signs the AIVP Agenda 2030 alongside José Sanchez, Director of Agenda 2030 by AIVP (International Association of Ports and Cities). AIVP’s 2030 Agenda is the world’s first initiative to adapt the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the specific context of port-city relations. The document, produced jointly with AIVP members at the Quebec Conference in 2018, sets down 10 goals to be achieved by 2030. Photo credit: Tommy Dickson

Photo credit: Tommy Dickson