Students and members of the panel of experts

10 students successfully finish the first edition of the diploma course in port-city governance and planning organized by AIVP Expert Dr. Sabah Zrari in Chile. The first edition of the Diploma “Planning, Management and Governance of Port Cities” took place in the University of Valparaíso, Chile, between July and December 2019. The key goal for the students was to learn how to develop a better symbiosis between the interests of ports, cities and its citizens. More concretely, the main assignment was to develop a methodological proposal to build a port-city vision of the cases of Valparaíso and San Antonio. During the course, the students took as reference the port cities of Rotterdam and Vancouver, comparing them to the local context and analysing the strengths of the existing plans in these cities. Another key task was analysing the current scenario in the Chilean port cities and the limitations that the governance system presents.

José M P Sánchez from AIVP was one of the external members of the expert panels assessing the final work done by the students. The new knowledge will bring the students a broader perspective on the port-city relationship with the overarching issue of sustainable development in their mind. This kind of educational courses can bring new ideas into port authorities and municipalities, contributing to long-term sustainable coexistence. Dr. Sabah Zrari has been member of the AIVP netwok of experts for several years, actively contributing in our conferences. To know more about her, you can read her biography.

Students’ final work