We ended 2019 by suggesting five new examples of good practices for our guide to “Plan the City with the Port”. As previously mentioned, we regularly add new content to the guide, and now have four more examples to share with you.

You can see them on the homepage of the Guide of Good Practices:

  • the range of solutions adopted to create a positive-energy building on the waterfront in Trondheim (Norway);
  • how in Valencia (Spain), the Port is aiming to be an active partner for the city;
  • the various measures taken in Bilbao (Spain) to forge a closer relationship between the port and the local population;
  • the creation in Fremantle (Australia) of a committee bringing together various partners to oversee the redevelopment of Victoria Quay, a site integral to the city’s maritime history, and also to communicate with the community about the project.

The guide now includes new fewer than 133 examples of good practices!

If you are interested in finding out more about some of them,

Don’t hesitate to contact us: ddavoult@aivp.org

Trondheim, Powerhouse Brattørkaia © Ivar Kvaal