On 29 April 2022, as part of the FEXTE Indian Ocean Green Ports initiative funded by the French Development Agency AFD, a delegation from AIVP and its experts visited Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion, the city of Le Port and the TCO. These meetings were an opportunity to discuss the three themes of the study: the energy and ecological transition, adaptation to the consequences of climate change, and city/port interfaces. 

  • Eric Legrigeois (Président du directoire, GPMDLR) ;
  • Théo Fortin (AIVP) ;
  • Jean-Marc Beynet (expert AIVP) ;
  • Sophie Minssart (expert AIVP) ;
  • Bruno Petat (expert AIVP) ;
  • Elodie Soundrom (AFD) ;
  • Philippe Le Gal (ancien membre de l’OVPOI)