In October 2023, AIVP will launch the first edition of Online Associate Degree in Port City Sustainability, created in partnership with the International Institute of Port Cities (IIPC), based in Chile. The aim of this training programme is to support the various stakeholders of the ports and territories in their efforts to achieve the sustainable development objectives.

It is conceived as a practical tool for the use of different actors in ports and territories in their efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals. It therefore forms part of the goals of the AIVP 2030 Agenda, specifically Goal No 4: “Promoting city port dialogue through a renewed governance approach aimed at reconciling the quest for economic and environmental performance with the well-being and aspirations of the population.”

The programme includes the following courses:

  1. Governance of Port Cities.
  2. Economy of Port Cities.
  3. Urban and Natural Environments of Port Cities.
  4. Cultures and Heritage of Port Cities.
  5. Prospects of Port Cities.

Find out more about the French course programme: here
Find out more about the Spanish course programme: here

For further information, please contact:

Sabah Zrari


Academic Director of the programme of course ‘Port cities Sustainability’

+56 985 670 705

Doctor in Political Sciences, Sciences-Po Paris; Master’s Degree in Research in Public Policies and Comparative Societies, Sciences-Po Paris; Higher Studies Diploma (DESS) in Urban planning and ordering and local development, Sciences-Po Paris. Since 2019, Sabah Zrari has run several further education programmes on the sustainable development of Port Cities.


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Deputy General Manager General Administration Member of the Management Committee

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