“God created the world, but the Dutch built the Netherlands”, goes the local saying. The government agency Rijkswaterstaat, responsible for infrastructures such as canals, bridges, tunnels, and ports, was founded almost two centuries ago. It works closely with other waterways agencies in neighbouring countries, including its French counterpart Voies Navigables de France (VNF). As part of the EU’s Connected River project (see previous articles for more details), Benno Bultink travelled to Le Havre to visit AIVP’s headquarters and meet our teams. During a tour of Le Havre’s Port Center, where he was met by the facility’s director Greta Delsalle Marini, Mr Bultink was able to appreciate the efforts made to integrate the port community into the local social fabric. This is one of Rijkswaterstaat’s new priorities: building with citizens.  Faced with climate change, dialogue with local residents is essential, as difficult decisions will have to be made. Mr Bultink also visited the port of Le Havre, with its dock basins, locks, and breakwaters, and drew comparisons with the infrastructures in the Netherlands. AIVP and Rijkswaterstaat will continue to work together through the Connected River project, and doubtless at other occasions such as events organised by AIVP.