The SAFARI project, focused on creating safe, climate resilient ports, is a European Horizon 2020 funded project. On June 13th and 14th, the project held its kick-off event at the University of Lille (France). Five AIVP port members will participate in the project to test and replicate the solutions developed: the Port of Dunkirk (France), the Port of Sevilla (Spain), and the Port of Lisbon (Portugal) as the pilot ports and the Port of Livorno (Italy) and the Port of Tripoli (Lebanon) as replicator ports. During the kick-off event, the participants were able to meet in person for the first time and discussed the tasks in the different work packages.

Caya Hein, Project Leader – Green transition & Agenda 2030 by AIVP, attended on behalf of the AIVP. She moderated a session on the topic of “Stakeholder mapping and engagement” with the three main port representatives: Anna Melsen from Port of Dunkirk, Elisa Oyonarte from Port of Sevilla, and Margarida Costa from Port of Lisbon with reactions from Habiba Alghor from Port of Tripoli and Francesco Meini from Port of Livorno. The presentations explained the existing methods of stakeholder mapping in the partner ports and highlighted the difficulties SAFARI would face in interacting with certain of these stakeholders. The discussion also highlighted which stakeholders that are not involved in the project will need to be contacted and informed. Caya also intervened during the conference on the subject of “Resilience of Port Infrastructure” to explain how ports are facing extreme weather events currently and their resiliency measures and the fact that ports will be facing more extreme weather events in the future. This presentation intended to underline the importance of the SAFARI project in addressing the reaction of ports to these events.