AIVP is organizing a series of webinars entitled “Port City Talks” to continue to debate, to build the port city of tomorrow and to keep in touch with our members.

The next AIVP webinar will be held on Thursday 26th of November 2020 at 15:00 (CET / GMT +1) and will be moderated by Mr. Dirk Engels, mobility expert from Transport & Mobility Leuven (Belgium) and transferability manager of the European project Civitas Portis. With the participation of: Ms. Valentina Boschian – Manager of European Projects and Digital Port Area at Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale (Italy); Mr. Fabio Lammana – freelance consultant on mobility and transportation networks at City of Trieste (Italy), Mr. Jan Buytaert, Mobility Advisor at Antwerp Port Authority (Belgium) and Ms. Chris Van Maroey, Project Leader at Smart ways to Antwerp – City of Antwerp (Belgium).

About the webinar

Mobility is one of the unavoidable challenges of any port city. It is also – sustainable mobility – one of the objectives that AIVP is pushing to achieve by 2030. What is sustainable mobility? How can traffic flow? We will answer these questions during the next webinar through the examples of Trieste (Italy) and Antwerp (Belgium).

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The port and its inherent goods flows, often via polluting trucks, can be the source of conflicts with other users sharing the road, often causing considerable congestion.

Clearly, to realistically aim at reducing polluting emissions, green mobility is a crucial sector.

New technological tools related to the concepts of “smart ports” and “smart city”, based on real time data, allow more efficient coordination and planning of traffic for both port and urban authorities. At the same time, on a different scale, commuting in port cities is also changing. The pandemic has emphasized even more the role of cycling in urban settings, framed in a multimodal mobility policy. A correct combination of these two key ideas, efficient use of traffic data and cycling, can greatly improve the life of port city citizens and reduce port nuisances.

In this webinar, we will learn about the experiences developed during the EU funded Civitas Portis project. More concretely, we will have a debate with representatives from the port authorities and municipalities of two European port cities, Antwerp and Trieste. We will see what are the lessons learned from this project and their perspectives for the future. Next November 26th, AIVP gives its member to learn new ways to improve their mobility plans and actions in the port cities that have proven successful in these cases.

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