AIVP is pleased to welcome Chloé Colboc and Théo Fortin aboard. They will bring new energy and fresh perspective on our worldwide network. Let’s meet them…

For those who have yet to make her acquaintance, we are delighted to welcome Chloé COLBOC to the team. Third time’s a charm, as the saying goes, and it certainly applies here, with Chloé joining us for a third time as an Assistant working in the General Secretariat. Following AIVP’s internal reorganisation, Chloé COLBOC’s main role will be managing suppliers and infrastructure, while she will also handle registrations and event logistics.

“I’m very happy to be part of this new phase for AIVP! I know the association and the team very well, which is a considerable advantage.”

As a Masters student studying for a degree in International Trade and Management with an International Marketing option, she first joined AIVP in 2012 and was handed responsibility for developing the association’s network. On graduating, she crossed the Channel to spend five years in England, where she worked as an operations manager at a botanical garden and a zoo on the Isle of Wight. After returning to her home city of Le Havre in France, she re-joined AIVP. This time, she was put in charge of organising the AIVP Days even in Riga (Latvia) in June 2019. She then spent six months at the Port Center in Le Havre.

A fan of basketball, travel and cuisine, Chloé is full of energy and enthusiasm:

“In my day to day work, I always try to be very organised and thorough, because we have a lot of tasks to handle, but above all I try to step back and look at the bigger picture, to ensure I’m as prepared as I can be. I like talking things over to move forward and find solutions as a team. You can always rely on me to be positive and cheerful.”

The second new member of the AIVP team is Théo FORTIN. After a productive internship, and in spite of the difficult content of the Covid-19 pandemic, Théo joins us as Operational Project Manager. His role will be to oversee monitoring of strategy and calls for project proposals, coordinating the support missions you request from us, and representing AIVP at international events. You will also find him at our theme-based and regional meetings, and he is in charge of scheduling those events.

A graduate from the prestigious Sciences Po Lille (France), Théo holds a Masters 2 degree in Public Affairs, specialising in port and industrial policies. He also attended the University of Uppsala (Sweden), where he studied development policies. To widen his knowledge of port cities, which he was researching, Théo took an internship at AIVP. As a newcomer to the organisation, his fresh take was valuable for re-organising our team, and he is enthusiastic at the prospect of beginning his professional career with AIVP.

“I’m taking my first steps into the world of employment as part of a well-knit team, to which I will be bringing my energy and fresh perspective.”

Away from work, Théo is a passionate musician, and a tireless supporter of charity work.

“I share with AIVP the values of openness towards others and commitment to working for the common good. I intend to redouble the rigour and heart that I put into my work, since the project we have with the 2030 Agenda is focused on sustainable development. I can’t wait to learn more about port cities and help to improve the lives of their citizens.”