This white paper dedicated to the 2nd objective of the Agenda 2030 AIVP ‘Energy Transition and Circular Economy’ aims to :

  1. Promoting dialogue and cooperation between socio-economic stakeholders to bring their activities closer together, identify potential synergies and encourage better management of natural resources.
  2. Giving priority to circular economy projects as part of new partnerships between the city, port, businesses and civil society, and by supporting the development of port activities aimed at promoting exchanges and/or recycling of materials and energy.
  3. Committing the City Port territory to achieving a low carbon, low resources society, through the transformation of industrial production, and the production and management of carbon-neutral, renewable energies.
  4. Encouraging the port community to become partners in the generation of clean energy, notably when concessions come up for renewal.

Download the white paper on Energy Transition & Circular Economy