Innovative and committed

In addition to promoting the sustainable development of port cities, AIVP also plays an institutional role.

An organisation that leads by example

As an international organisation keenly aware of its environmental footprint, AIVP very quickly took steps to mitigate it, while also adopting a responsible social policy to promote well-being in the workplace and a good work-life balance.


“Do as I say, and as I do” – committed to setting an example

Graine en main

Since 2010, it has been standard practice for AIVP to set aside 4% of the registration fees for all its events, to help offset their environmental impacts. AIVP realises that the global events it organises generate greenhouse gas emissions. But it believes that these gatherings offer a vital opportunity to share views and ideas, with the aim of making our port cities more sustainable.

AIVP has joined forces with Saaltus, a company that funds numerous agroforestry projects. The current partnership concerns funding for the Graine en Main project, just a few kilometres from AIVP’s headquarters. Graine en Main operates a 7 hectare organic market garden in the heart of the city of Le Havre (France). It employs 20 staff on professional integration contracts designed to help people into work, and every week distributes some 300 baskets of fresh vegetables locally. AIVP’s support has enabled the association to:

Diversify its production by planting fruit trees

Restore the natural habitat to promote biodiversity by planting mixed hedgerows

Move towards “virtuous” agroforestry practices.

The “Graine en main” project in pictures

A program to limit GHGs

AIVP is also committed to a wider policy aimed at limiting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its activities.

Measures already adopted include: 

  • Since 2014, a “cycle to work” charter to encourage employees to travel to and from work by bike, with reimbursement of cycling expenses for all staff.
  • Bike provided by the employer.
  • An agreement on working from home since February 2019 (pre-Covid). AIVP encourages employees to work from home part of the time.
  • A reduction of over 60% in in-person meetings of AIVP’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
  • An alternative programme of online meetings and workshops (webinars, etc.).

the city and the port together

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