Despite the most recent efforts by estates and international organizations. Climate change is a palpable reality that we cannot escape. The sea level rise and more common extreme weather events will demand adaptation measures from port cities all over the world. Considering the urgency of this situation, AIVP decided to make climate change adaptation goal nº 1 of its 2030 Agenda, explicitly indicating the urgency to take action. In this webinar we will discover the most recent research on this topic and learn from three ports and cities what projects are they developing to increase their resiliency. More concretely, we will discuss:
– City-port strategic planning for climate change adaptation and resilience,
– Examples of projects and measures related to the renaturation of banks and coastlines to slow down erosion and the effects of storms.
– Warning and prevention systems against the effects of extreme weather events
– Examples of measures and challenges to prepare the city-port territory against sea submergence and flooding
– Coordination between entities for adaptation to climate change
– The role of citizens in climate change adaptation operations


Directeur Général
COTONNEC Gwenaëlle
Chef de Département Développement et Programmation, Responsable du pôle Développement Durable
DUPRAY Sébastien

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